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BIP TRANSPORTES SAS, is a private company, habilitated by the transport Ministry to give national service of public ground transportation, cargo transportation, and special transportation.


Certificated by: ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001: 2007, NORSOK S-006: 2003

Dinero magazine recognized as inside the 5000 biggest companies in 2017, locating us in the position 65 in our field.

Our organization has a multidisciplinary team with wide experience in cargo and passenger transportation; additionally to their experience in people management and customer support. We have facilities with the last technology and the necessary equipment which give value to our services so our clients have the best experiences and book us again.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Quality Policy

To give a public ground transportation in special vehicles and cargo, with the best conditions and security to the greater number of companies at a national level

Knowing the growth of our company in the last 15 years, the recognition in the area as a solid company, the acceptation of our new clients due to our excellent service and the support of our collaborators BIP TRANSPORTES SAS; at 2020 we aim to be giving the cargo and special transportation service through at least 3 great regions of the country.

Reaching the best administrative, technological and service quality is our objective. Quality should be a VALUE, a way of corporate life, and an institutional priority

Our ten values and principles

1. Our main driver: GOD, we recognize he leads our steps.


2. Our institutional value: The people, each day we start our activities with the conviction of being a team that cares about the wellbeing and the growth of the organization and its people.


3. Our life value: The respect and the discipline. We accept that the difference makes de richness and with this values we would harvest the best.


4. Our organizational value: Service attitude and a commitment to the quality. To do the things the best possible since the first time, allows us to enjoy the ride and should satisfy our clients.


5. Our social value: The solidarity and the citizen culture. We respect the law, having a respect for the authority, knowing is better to give than to receive.


6. Our moral value: The integrity and honesty.


7. Our intellectual value: We are willing to learn, we are not afraid of innovation and we do the things in a different manner.


8. Our innovative value: We dream, we have created unique services that make a difference.


9. Our economic value: We will never superimpose the price to the value, we recognice that service value and that is why we make an effort so our clients want to work with us again.


10. Our way of remaining: Fulfill our commitments.


Because in BIP… The diligence and excellence of our labor, will always be our institutional premise, our way of corporate life. We only reach excellence if we give the best of us every day, in our obligations and if we make things happen.


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